Think of Radar Group as a bridge.

Radar Group is Game Industry 2.0.  We are a bridge to the future.  We are the first of a new breed; an original IP incubator and production company that will blaze a new course for an industry that has lost it’s focus by becoming too reliant on licensed IP, too reliant on unscalable internal work for hire or “sweatshop” development; and too reliant on smothered talent within large corporations that soon departs.  Within the game industry, Radar Group is the first IP management and production company focused on original ideas and cutting edge content.  By working with motivated, creative independent game studios, we are maximizing cross-media IP value with our studio partners.  Original Thinking™ is our mantra.  It defines who we are and what we do.  It is the essential ingredient of our products.

Think of Radar Group as a Bridge

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