Radar’s mission is to co-create, co-own, and fully manage IP that has been designed from the ground up for cross-media leveraging.

Toward that end, Radar makes use of key talent from both film and gaming industries, to ensure that Radar’s IP’s are perfectly developed for cross-media leveraging.

In the end, Radar is the conduit that merges all this creative talent into successful cross media applications. 

This is the fundamental difference and competitive advantage in the Radar approach to original IP creation. As stated, in most cases, game concepts are not created with the appropriate character and story hooks to make the jump to linear media. Likewise, most movie concepts do not translate well to the interactive world because they are built around the concept of watching vs. doing. Partnering our experts on the game side with counterparts in the linear media world means that concepts co-created and co-produced by Radar have the best chance to succeed in both linear and interactive forms.

Game Industry 2.0 has arrived. Welcome to RADAR

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