Radar Group is an entirely new take on the game industry, driven by creative people and Original Thinking™, making entirely original concepts designed to succeed in cross-media applications.

Quality over quantity.  Original Thinking™ at work.  

We design games from the ground up with an equal emphasis on storytelling and gameplay.  We build into our original, co-created IP the hooks to make for both a great game and a great film. You don’t have to look far for proof that our new approach will work; sales charts every year greatly favor IP born within our industry.
Incredibly, this strategy has largely been overlooked in the game industry thus far.

At Radar, we pose these questions: what if publishers didn’t have to heavily rely on Hollywood licenses that don’t compete with industry-born game brands in terms of topping the charts? What if publishers had the ability to choose from original and compelling IP’s pre-built for cross-media leveraging? Or, IP’s co-created and managed by experienced, proven talent from within the gaming industry?

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