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Will Kerslake began his game development career creating training simulations for the local fire department while still in high school. Shortly afterwards, he joined Atari Games to fill roles both as an artist and a designer. In 2000 he left Atari to co-found Lightspeed Games, acting as the company's Creative Director. After publishing its first title Lightspeed's technology was sold to Maxis in 2003 and Kerslake joined the company as a technical designer in their recently formed console division. Since joining Maxis, he has played a vital role in shipping three multi-million unit selling titles: Sims Bustin' Out, Urbz, and the Godfather.

Kerslake has worked professionally as a television camera operator, programmer, artist, and designer. He has been nicknamed “Swiss Army knife” for his ability to adapt to the needs of a project throughout its development. Kerslake's unique background as an artist and engineer allows him to speak the languages of the various disciplines required in modern game development. He looks forward to applying those skills to Radar's cross-media IP.




Will Kerslake

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The leaders of Radar all have something in common: 
We're from the game industry.

This doesn't seem so special, except if you look at the executive level of most of the competition, there's a stunning lack of experience from the game industry itself.  But all of the founders and management of Radar come from the game and film industry.

We've been in the industry long enough and have more than our share of proven successes to know what works, and what needs radical fixing.  We have a unique set of experiences that is as different to the film industry as the film industry is to rocketry.  Compare our executives with those at other companies.  You'll see the difference.

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>Jim Perkins, Chief Executive Officer
>Scott Miller, Chief Creative Officer
>David Atkinson, Chief Financial Officer
>Pat Heptig, General Counsel
>Dave Adams, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships
>Will Kerslake, Creative Director
>Scott Faye, President, Depth